Past Pupils Messages

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Scott Andrewsssandrews@aol.com1966-1968I would love to post a message to those who might remember me - especially Francis Hourigan, Patrick Craddock and Paul Campbell. Many fond memories of my time at Salesian!
Albert Hugh Cookahcook1020@gmail.compre 1918 ? Mr Cook lived in Florida for many years following work in Spain and Canada. He attended Salesians in Battersea from 1918 to 1925 and thought he boarded at Salesians Chertsey before that, during the First World War. He remembered never leaving the school, and it may have been his mother and step-father were in the Orient. Arthur S. Henchman was a banker with the London Hong Kong Banking Company and his mother's name was Mary Cook. Alternatively he may have been an orphan and stayed at the school full-time. He died 27 May 2007 but his relatives would welcome contact from anyone who has information on this part of his life: Susan J Cook, 14651 NE 154 Street, Ft. McCoy, FL 32134, USA
Patrick Mansfieldimp.atl.vendee@wanadoo.fr1964-1972In reply to Mark Andrews: I remember you - my era was spent with the likes of Dave Allen and Jim Quinn. We had Sean Smythe as our sports teacher. I was one of the last of the boarders. I was sometimes called 'Fred', the fault of Br Joe Skivington, something to do with Manfred Mann!
Brian anyone remember Brother Patrick Gillen at Chertsey in the 1940s? He taught junior pupils and was our dorm master. He's now Fr Paddy, a parish priest in Hampshire.
Francis Chopinchopin.frank@gmail.com1967-1973Am interested to make contact with past Salesians who can remember being at school in the 60s and 70s.
Salvatore Volantesalvatore.volante@barclays.com1986-1990 A big hello to all the Salesian Community in Chertsey where I studied between 1986-1990. I'm currently working as an investment consultant in Wimbledon. Also a prayer goes to Sean Devereux who was my course tutor for 2 out of the 3 years he graced us at Salesians Chertsey.
Mark Andrewsmandrews@andrewscapital.com1964-1968 My name is Mark Andrews. I attended Salesian College Chertsey from 1964-1968. My younger brother Scott and I were the only "Yanks" at the school. I remember old friends like Sean McNally, Paul Butler, Paul Markey, Jan Kudrewicz, Colin Mant, and Robert Grant. Robert, remember when we got John Lennon's autograph at his home in St. Georges Hill, Weybridge? Lennon got his Rolls Royce painted psychedelic colors at the autobody shop on Station Road just a few blocks from the school. I remember walking by on my way to school from the station and seeing it in progress. Quite a sight! Teachers like Mr. Cleworth (then early in his teaching career and recently retired as Headmaster), Brother John (who ran the tuck shop), and Mr. Lowe ("Gibbon"), who could forget him? I'd love to hear from anybody who attended during those years.
Nicholas My name is Deacon Nicholas Bruce and was a student at Chertsey Salesian School roughly between 1959 and 1965. I noticed an article on the Salesian School website about Deacon Michael Kennedy who was a pupil at Salesian College Battersea about twenty years ago and ordained on 10th June 2006. If it is of interest to anyone I was ordained to the diaconate on 21 September 1991 for the Archdiocese of Cape Town in South Africa where I was from 1983 to 2003. I served also in the diocese of Johannesburg having mainly been a teacher. I was a contemporary of Andrew McKinlay and Mike Dodd who live in Chertsey still. I now live and work in the diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand and am assigned to the Parish of Frankton and the Deaf Chaplaincy of the diocese.
Ian Donaldsonidonaldson@ntlworld.com1957-1965 Mr Donaldson sent in class photos from 1957 and 1961. His brother Roy Donaldson (3 years older) also went to Salesian in Chertsey and now lives in Ireland. He can be contacted on Chris Rayski, one of his "best friends", was also at Salesian at same time and lives in Woking. Sadly David Hickey his other "best friend" at the same time has passed away.
Richard "Ferdy" My sister Cynthia and I were boarders. I would welcome contact from fellow boarders, or even day bugs. In particular, I should like to locate Don Scotford, J McAdam, Paul Camiller, John and Chris Bell, Anthony "Baldy" Allan.
Peter Fordpccford@hotmail.com1957-1965 My name is Peter Ford and I was a pupil at Chertsey from 1957 - 1965. I spent my wasted life persuing my ambition, which I constantly tried to impress on the head, Fr Curran, which was to fly. I managed, through mostly good luck, to survive 37 years flying all over the world. I spent 20 years in the RAF and my last 17 in the airline world as a Captain. I now reside in happy retirement in sunny Spain. I passed by the college a couple of years ago on what we would have called the back road to be held up by a traffic jam of parents collecting their progeny. Obviously, the college is as popular as ever!
Madie  I have two uncles, brothers who attended the Salesian School in the late 1920`s-1937 when the Head was Fr Payne. Peter Bernard Aloysius Morgan captain of the cricket team 1928-1937 (shared captaincy with his brother in 1935). Gordon Michael Morgan was joint captain of the cricket team in 1935 .He left the school in 1939 and joined the RAF. Peter died nine years ago and Michael now lives in Canada. If you have any recollections of these two, I would appreciate hearing from you.